Why choose our e-bikes -
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The name “Independent E-bike” communicates our determination to invent a product “independent” of our usual daily activities.

Independent E-bike has a chic silhouette created by Italian designers working with us. They are a significant part of the project, cooperating with us to give shape to our dreams.

The chassis is the superlative part of our bike! Its sophisticated design merges modern technology with vintage and cruiser style.
Futuristic is the keyword to describe the essential nature of the aluminum frame, combined with leather accessories, fat wheels and rolloff gear.

We differ from our competitors in that we provide a service which extends beyond the norm in the assistance and technical support available during the selection of the most suitable e-bike for a client’s particular needs.
Not only, if the customer wants to purchase an insurance for personal responsability to the third party, you are able to provide you one thanks to the great and professional collaboration we have with one of the most important Italian insurance company.

Once you have made a purchase you can be confident of the maintenance and service of your Independant E-bike under our guarantee.
Moreover, if you need a special training and healthy program, one of our group member’s is a personal trainer.
We care about relationships as well as the total satisfaction of our customers.
Finally, if the customer wishes, s/he can be put in contact with the Independent E-biker network to be part of a group that shares the same enthusiasm for outdoor activity.
It will be our care, update the news and events that we are organizing around the world.