The advantages of e-bikes -
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The regular use of a bicycle, according to scientific studies, improves the general fitnessas well as the respiratory, nervous and mental health of a person. It relieves stress!
Switching to the electric bike has a significant value for consumption. The cost of using an e-bike, with a range of about 50 km, is approx. 0.0008 euros per km. If we compare the cost of a modern small car, powered by LPG, at 0.019 euros per km. The e-bike costs 270 times less than the car. Compare it to a petrol or diesel powered car!

The electric bicycle creates a new lifestyle; it has all the advantages of ease of parking, free circulation inside urban centers, as well as transport within public transport vehicles. Unlike a car or a motorcycle, the electric bicycle is silent, allowing a stress-relieving sporting activity.Last but not least, the e-bike does not need insurance or property taxes.