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When Lorenzo got an unsual 70’s bike from Aldo, his wife’s uncle, he declared: “This bike is going to be special. I’m going to totally renovate it to make it perfectly unique.”
At first he only wanted a bike for commuting to work in summer.
But of course that wasn’t enough.
On the internet he found a kit for an electric bike which had been developed by Alcedo Italy in Cesena. He went to talk with them. And the dream was launched.
He remembers chatting with Aldo on a flight to China; they were both fascinated by the incredible development going on there with the industrialization of so many companies in Hong Kong and mainland China.Even after Aldo passed away his dynamic personality lives on in our hearts. He adored China and one of the reasons we want to export the e-bike overseas is to toast Aldo’s memory; his bike must ride all over Great China.

We crucially want to share this story with the public to communicate that behind this e-bike project there is great emotion and enthusiasm of the founders. We are passionate about what we are doing.
Today Aldo’s e-bike is the first in our museum of e-bikes in Tuscany.