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During the last ten years alarm at the worldwide pollution from transit systems has brought social and political innovation to the field of transportation. Not only Asian cities such as Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing and Bangkok, but also European cities such as Rome, Paris, Frankfurt and Berlin, which are all expanding exponentially, are re-evaluating their
transport systems.
The trend to develop ‘green’ or “environmentally friendly” products has triggered the creation of the e-bike.


Independent E-bike has two main goals:

First, to give people who are either not sportive enough or else just plain too lazy the pleasure of trekking around the exquisite landscape that is our world.

Second, to give people who normally can’t sustain a long ride on difficult mountain paths access to the splendid countryside otherwise unavailable to them.

E-bike offers you these experiences. Our e-bike is authentic and unique.

The ‘Independent E-bike’ brand aspires to the high level of excellence and design already made famous by other ‘Made in Italy’ products.
People can be proud of their “clean and green” choice.



We are a tightly knit group people with a passion for the outdoors as well as a great concern about HOW the world is changing.
Within the group there is a great diversity in educational backgroud.
We have many years of experience in engine assembly.
We can deal with the inport of special requests including biker’s outfits and gear.

The design division is available to both the client and the Project Manager for consultation.